This year the soldier of the year was Allen Harmon. Allen is relatively new to the unit, but was a very busy man. Outside of getting 2 new events going for the year, he also recruited a few new people, and was very enthusiastic about reenacting. Allen is a man who has been around reenacting for a long time, with different companies. He was presented at the yearly company meeting with his certificate and a check for $50.00. Congratulations, Allen!


We are going to start having ladies classes again this year. However we need your input! What do you want to learn? Let me know with an e-mail before the season starts, or at the event. We want to endeavor to learn some of the things they learned and did on a regular basis. I personally want to learn how to make lye soap, and Mary Jo said she can do it. I intend to go down to her house and learn to make it, so we can sell it to others. If you are interested in knowing how to do this, let me know and we'll make a date to do this. I also want to know how to do lace-making/tatting and crocheting, and am going to learn the crocheting from Angie. I am going to get a book on the lace making/tatting part from one of the sutlers. I got a taste of it at Shinnston, and liked it. It's not as hard as it seamed, and will look into it. We will do some experimental baking in the dutch ovens, and see how it turns out, and try some other things. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Dues need to be paid by everyone by the end of March. So far I have only dues from 3 families. We need everyone to pay their dues by or at Hurricane. They are $15.00 per family per year, no matter how big your family is. Then we can send in the Company dues to the Corps. Those dues are $75.00 per unit per year. PLEASE SEND THESE DUES IN!!! We want to make sure we get our one bill paid in a timely manner.


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