Miss Anita's Homespun
c/o Anita Henry
106 Boeing St.
Beckley, WV  25801
PHONE: 304-763-1514
e-mail: missanita61@gmail.com


Miss Anita's Homespun is what I call my "business". It started as a side job, but is taking more and more of my time. My husband and I run a reenactment company, and I have made my reenacting clothes for years. I am now making his clothes, as well as clothes for myself and other people just getting started in the reenacting hobby or who just want stuff made cheaper than they can buy them. It seems that I now sew more than anything, and am getting more and more orders all the time, so I thought I'd make it official and join the other "small business" owners out there. Below is a list of prices for items, and terms. I use only reenacting patterns, not "costume" patterns, and have made everything from uniform coats to ball gowns. I prefer not to make ball gowns, for they seem to take a lot more time and need to have a person present for fittings, etc., so I don't include them on my price list. If I add more, I will list it as we go.


Frock Coat - Lined                     $45.00
Uniform Pants                          $35.00
Shell Jacket - Untrimmed & unlined     $20.00
Sack Coat - Untrimmed & Unlined        $20.00
Battle Shirt                           $20.00
3 Button Shirt                         $15.00
Drawers                                $10.00
Haversack                              $ 5.00


Ladies Cloak - Lined                       $45.00
Zouave Jacket - Lined                      $35.00
Basic Dress                                $30.00
Basic Skirt                                $20.00
Bodice/Blouse                              $20.00
Pantaloons                                 $10.00
Aprons                                     $ 5.00
Medici/Belts                               $ 5.00


All clothing prices listed above do not include the cost of material, trim, hook & eye tape, frogs or buttons. If material has to be purchased, that cost is added to the price above. Prices may vary according to any extra trim added. Alterations may be done to any garments, prices varying. To add lining to any item above that doesn't include lining, the cost is $5.00 extra plus material, if not provided. Measurements must be sent with material, etc. Please contact me and I will tell you what I need to have, depending on what is being ordered. Shipping for all packages is $3.00 per item, sent U.S. Mail.